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2024 Ford Lightning Flash adds more content for a reasonable price


We knew the Ford Lightning Flash was coming, but … well, it’s not quite what we were hoping for. Still, even if it isn’t the high-output, tire-smoking beast of an electric pickup truck we thought might be coming, it looks to be a solid package that combines enticing features for a reasonable price. Basically, for around $70,000, Ford has packaged several popular options in a new Flash trim level that sits between the XLT and Lariat models.

Included in the Flash package are the extended battery that boosts range to 320 miles (EPA estimated, your mileage will vary, etc), Blue Cruise 1.2 (which requires a subscription to operate after a complimentary 90-day trial period), and the larger 15.5-inch center screen instead of the XLT’s smaller 12-inch unit. Ford is marketing the Lightning Flash as a tech-forward package, and along with the big touchscreen, it also throws in an upgraded B&O audio system with eight speakers and a subwoofer, keyless entry with push-button start and a wireless phone charging pad.

The Tow Technology package is included, bringing with it Pro Trailer Backup Assist, Trailer Brake Controller, Smart Hitch, On-Board Scales, Smart Trailer Tow Connection and Trailer Reverse Guidance. We like Ford’s towing tech so much that it won our 2022 Technology of the Year award. Completing the package are a power tailgate (with a step and work surface) and a heat pump that improves overall vehicle efficiency.

The Ford Lightning lineup for 2023, as of right now, includes the Pro for $53,135 (all prices listed here include — deep breath — destination for $1,995, a $645 “acquisition fee” and a $500 charging cord that should probably be included for free — though Ford’s not alone in this practice — but does not include any tax credits that buyers may be eligible for), the XLT with a standard-range battery for $58,135 (that battery is estimated to provide 240 miles of range), the XLT with the extended battery or the Lariat with the standard battery for $73,135, the Lariat with the extended battery for $79,985, the Platinum for $94,185 (only available with the big battery). Those prices are accurate, according to Ford’s official website, as of today (October 3, 2023).

Starting early in 2024, Ford will begin offering the Flash for what we assume will also be $73,135 after the massive (shall we say exorbitant?) destination charge, acquisition and charging cord are added. That will be in addition to the Lightning Pro that’s set to carry the same price as the current 2023 model, the standard-range XLT for (we think) $60,635, the extended-range Lariat for $80,635 and the Platinum for $93,135. At the very top of the range will be the limited-edition Lightning Platinum Black that adds lots of dark matte paint and trim for $101,135. 

Looking over the pricing for the model lineup, we can certainly see that the Lightning Flash offers a compelling package for the money. It appears to take the place of the extended-range XLT, which basically means buyers get more content for 2024 without paying for it based on 2023 prices. It also falls below the pricing threshold to qualify for tax credits (assuming the buyer also qualifies when they file). Sounds like a good deal.

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