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About 70% of Singapore residents positive about overall quality of life post-pandemic: Government survey


Compared with the general population, unemployed respondents were less confident about Singapore’s ability to get through another pandemic in future.

Overall, the findings “suggest that social capital was strengthened over the course of the pandemic”, said MCI.

“Trust between citizens and the Government was strengthened; and most notably, trust among citizens was strengthened too,” said the ministry.

“Significantly, residents reported strong confidence that Singapore, the government, our healthcare institutions and communities would be able to manage future pandemics well.”

MCI said where the survey sample was not representative of the resident population by gender, age, or race, it was weighted accordingly to ensure representativeness.

Mrs Teo said COVID-19 was also “a time of light”.

“Kindness, generosity, and just simple human decency of giving consideration to one and another – these qualities were brought to the fore,” she added.

“Singaporeans rallied together to support one another, materially and in spirit. Many stepped forward to help the vulnerable, among other things, to get broadband and laptops to work and learn from home.”

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