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Ali-A talks about YouTube’s new talent show to find the next generation of gaming content creators with uTure


One of the Uk’s most popular YouTubers Ali-A has partnered with YouTube to create a new show to find the next generation of YouTube gaming superstars.

The top 10 applicants will be put through their paces, and test their creative skills in weekly tournaments and content creation challenges by a lineup of YouTube legendary judges.

uTure will feature some fantastic YouTube creators including LilSimsie, Lachlan, Loserfruit, Vikkstar123, DanTDM, Jazzyguns, ldshadowlady, Smallishbeans, Infinite, shofu, triggeredinsaan and of course Ali-A.

But it’s not just for exposure the winner will receive a grand prize of $100,000 and will learn the skills to grow their audience and take their content to the next level.

Episodes will air twice a week on Saturdays and Wednesdays and each one will showcase a unique content creation challenge.

Judges will provide a score as well as constructive feedback to each participant to help them hone their skills.

Fans can vote for their favourite contestants via and at the end of each week, Ali-A and the judges will decide which contestants make it to the next round.

Ali-A has over 25 million subscribers across his YouTube channels and has been creating videos since 2006 and is known for his upbeat commentary and exciting video play style, and we were lucky enough to sit down with him and talk about his work as well as what to expect from uTure.

How do you describe exactly what you do?

I like to say I’m a YouTuber, but sometimes content creator is easier to say.

Basically, I make gaming videos on YouTube for people to watch. Enjoy. And that is my full-time job. very concise, but probably the best job in the world.

Could you tell us more about your involvement in Uture and the concept of the Show?

I created uTure or the idea and I have a few YouTube channels that I run that are successful., So, I sat down with my team. And said “What can we do that’s bigger than me?” and that takes the learnings that I’ve gained over the last 12 years, and can help the next generation of content creators.

Ali has around 17.5M subscribers and is a very successful content creator



I’m fortunate to be making content for this long, so when I’ve got a reach an audience and a voice, it’s time to share a lot of what I’ve learned with people that could be in my position later.

And the YouTube show, specifically, we will find 10 people in the world that are undiscovered talent and are really good at making gaming content videos and give them a platform to be able to share those videos to a wider audience, that wouldn’t be possible without the uTure show.

We have an array of incredible gaming content creators that are already massive, we’ve got an amazing line-up of judges too.

We’re in the early stages, we’re just in the application stage, we’ve just shared what the uTure show is to the world.

And we’re getting people to create YouTube shorts to get involved and apply. But yeah, whoever’s picked and wins, the show will get $100,000, which is obviously incredible and a lot of exposure through the show.

We’ll also obviously be giving them a lot of support, I’ll be giving them a lot of my knowledge from 12 years of content creation throughout the show, and post-show, as well.

Ali’s Videos have come a long way in his 12 years on YouTube



I know you don’t want to give too much away, but what kinds of things will the judges be looking for in the entrance?

There are a lot of different things that can make a great Creator. For example, I’m not that good at editing, to be honest with you, and I’m lucky enough to have a few editors help me run my channels.

But some people out there could be incredible at editing, other people might be fantastic on camera and are really good at just chatting and they’re really charismatic and other people might be really good at games.

So there are so many different elements that could create a great contestant that’ll end up being on the YouTube show, and we’re looking out for any of these things and more.

So I think if there’s any advice for anyone that’s looking to apply or was or is thinking, “What could I do to really stand out” it’s lean into what you think you’re really good at.

If you were starting out today, how do you think you would fare? entering uTure?

If I’d never made any videos, I don’t know I will do I still have that natural talent to stand out? I hope so.

I’ve learned a lot over the 12 years since I started, if we literally took one of my first videos and put it into the application phase I don’t actually think I’d get that far, which it just shows us a growing process for anyone that wants to make content.

Ali is best known for his Call of Duty and Fortnite videos



I think the exciting thing that we’ll see from the show is not only incredible people that end up on the show and are picked and are in the top 10.

But I really want to see people that are just creating for the very first time, And the show gives them that boost, and that motivation to start that journey. I

think that’s really important. I always say it took me a year to get 100 subscribers back in the day, and it’s slow to start off with. But it’s all about giving it a go. You’ve all got to start somewhere.

If you can edit videos, or you’re a skilled presenter and talker, but your gaming skills aren’t quite as good. Do they still stand a chance?

Yes, 100%. As I said, only a few people will be great in all categories, some people will definitely be good at all of them, which is fantastic. But you do not have to be good all of them. As I’ve gotten older, the worse I’ve gotten at games, to be honest with you.

But the good thing is that I’ve developed a lot of skills, creating and structuring videos while being on camera. And if you really stand out in one part of content creation, you definitely have a really good chance that could lead you to being on the uTure show and being picked.

Judges include LilSimsie, Lachlan, Loserfruit, Vikkstar123, DanTDM, Jazzyguns, ldshadowlady, Smallishbeans, Infinite, shofu, triggeredinsaan and of course Ali-A.



What is the best feedback you’ve ever received about your content? And how did it change how you’ve worked?

The best piece of feedback is always places I can improve. So, it definitely helps the beginning to know what you’re good at and once you know you’re good at something you can really play into that.

But to really improve and elevate the content you’re making, is knowing probably where you aren’t quite as good at and how you can then become a more well-rounded content creator.

I’m still learning things all the time, my editor could say, “why don’t we try this in one of the videos?’ and instantly, suddenly, it’s making the videos performs so much better.

But it’s just constant small improvements and refinements all the time because a video I make in a month’s time will hopefully be better than the video I made today and that will continue as I keep on evolving and hopefully making better content on YouTube.

I guess it’s about being open to that criticism as well. Because yeah are pretty open to it

Yeah. And there’s a difference between, you know, negativity and criticism. We are noticing the difference between that and being able to take it on board and think, “Oh, I’ve never thought about it that way” Or I could try and do that a little bit better. And that will really be the key to going from an OK creator to a really standout creator.


YouTube Shorts are short-form videos on YouTube, giving users up to 60 seconds to grab viewers’ attention



Do you have any pro tips or anything you could offer for an, older, let’s say sleep-deprived journalist losing his gaming edge?

To be honest, I’m starting to get to that point where I just don’t play that many games. You know what? Without like bigging up YouTube videos too much, I genuinely think that there’s a lot to be said for just watching people who are good at games.

YouTube’s a great place for that. If there’s any a game, I’m excited about I probably the first thing I do is YouTube it before I even jump in and just get some tips and understand what’s going on, you learn those niche things about games because someone on YouTube found it out through digging through in-game files or going through a game frame by frame.

I think if there’s any game you feel like you want to improve that definitely hop on YouTube, give it a little search, find a content creator you enjoy for any game, and they’ll probably have some great tips to help you improve quite quickly.

What non-gaming stuff do you do in your free time?

Yeah, so I spend a lot of time with my wife Claire, my dogs going on dog walks, getting out of the house. That’s always super important, I’ve always been a bit on and off with the gym.

But I’m starting to add that into my morning routine, which I actually really enjoy, I’m also getting into a little bit of golf at the moment for me things that you have to like 100% Focus on a great like if I’m swinging a golf club, all I’m thinking about swinging that golf club.




I’m not thinking about the video that’s going to go live today and not thinking about that cool that I’ve got tomorrow. Hanging out with friends and family is definitely something I prioritize and make sure we do every single weekend.

The application must be submitted in English as a YouTube Short, participants will have up to 60 seconds to impress the judges to earn their place as one of the top 10 finalists taking part in the show.

Making a YouTube Short to enter is simple: On the YouTube App, click the (+) button to create a Short, then film and edit your entry. Once it’s done, upload it using the hashtag #uTureShow.

Entries can also be created using any other editing app, as long as it fits the parameters of a YouTube Short (under 60 seconds and vertical).

Once it’s posted, submit your YouTube Short at for a chance to be featured on the brand new gaming talent show. Submissions close on 8 May 2022.

You can stay up to date with the uTure Show on,, and watch it exclusively on

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