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Amritpal Singh crackdown: Punjab Police issues warning against fake news and hate speeches | Chandigarh News


CHANDIGARH: The Punjab Police on Sunday issued a warning to social media users asking them to refrain from spreading rumours, false information, and hate speech in relation to Amritpal Singh.
Since the launch of a state-wide operation by the Punjab Police to hunt down self-styled radical Sikh preacher Amritpal Singh, social media is flooded with fake news and content spreading hate.
Police issued a warning, noting that they were keeping an eye on hate speech and fake news, and that anyone spreading either would face harsh punishment.
“We are monitoring all fake news and hate speeches coming from different countries, states and cities. Strict action will be taken against all propagating false rumours. Do not spread fake news,” tweeted police.
In another Tweet, Punjab police assured citizens that the law and order situation is fully under control and requested them not to panic or spread fake news or hate speech.

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