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Anthony Albanese to head west post-COVID isolation


Labor leader Anthony Albanese will head to Perth on Friday night after coming out of isolation but has been told by his doctor to take it easy for the first few days.

Albanese has told colleagues he is feeling well after contracting COVID-19 last week and is ready to make up for the lost week.

Anthony Albanese Albanese has participated in a number of television and radio interviews while in isolation.

Albanese will fly to Perth on Friday night and headline Labor’s campaign launch in the city on Sunday, but it is unclear whether he will immediately hit the hustings in Sydney on Friday.

Labor officials are also still weighing up whether to agree to a debate hosted by Nine News and The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, wanting to see whether their leader has completely recovered from the virus.

Labor’s campaign spokesman, Jason Clare, said the campaign launch was “going to be a key moment in this campaign, a fantastic opportunity for Albo and the whole team to make the case to the Australian people”.


Asked on Friday whether he was feeling OK, Albanese – who is due to get out of isolation on Thursday night – said: “Yeah, I am.”

“It’s been a difficult week, but my symptoms have been much milder than many other people have had, so I am looking forward to getting out,” he told Sydney radio station WSFM.

“My doctor tells me I have to take things easy, particularly in the first few days to not do the 16- and 20-hour days that I was doing. But it will be good to be out and about and the first thing I’m doing is heading to Western Australia where we have our campaign launch this Sunday.”

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