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Assam man travels to Umling La, Ladakh on XPulse 200 with his dog on a custom saddle!


There will be a lot of people who have their hearts racing for motorcycles and also their voices turn squeaky when they see a dog. A man from Assam has decided to give you lot a dose of adrenaline and serotonin combined, having ridden his Hero XPulse 200 all the way up to Umling La, Ladakh with his dog Bella on a custom saddle. Umling La is currently the highest motorable road in the world at above 19,000 feet. It is not confirmed yet if this is the first time a motorcyclist has ridden to this mountain pass with their dog. It could be a world record if found so.
Planning a ride from Delhi to Ladakh and to the towering mountain passes around is not easy even for a solo rider, since there are a lot of factors to take care of, including fuel, luggage carrying, permits, and more. Doing this ride with a dog would all the more be tricky since there would be additional luggage for the dog and it would have to be trained to remain in the saddle during the ride.

Chow Sureng Rajkonwar and his dog Bella have nonetheless achieved this feat. The duo travelled across the cold desert in Zanskar and crossed the world’s highest motorable mountain passes like Khardung La and Umling La. First snippets from the trip shared on Instagram on 16 November have garnered more than 13 lakh views. Not surprisingly, Rajkonwar and Bella are being showered with admiration and praise.

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“On a bike with a pet to the world’s highest motorable road on the world. If no one has done it before then it is a world record. World record or not, we dreamt of it and we achieved it,” Rajkonwar wrote in an Instagram post. Check out the brilliant content at one_crazy_guy/Instagram.
We’re mighty impressed with this achievement and are also envious of the core memories Chow will have made with Bella on the road in the shadow of some of the most striking landscapes in the world. We’re rooting for your world record, Chow and Bella!

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