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Australian man reveals truth about ‘Bali mugging’ after $24,000 raised for medical bills


“I had lost my memory for two days due to concussion. I was in hospital for six days due to the injuries that I suffered from.

“The Australian media articles that went viral were all incorrect and twisted. This happened due to me not making any statements to the Australian media.

“The reason the GoFundMe was made was for friends and family to help pay the hospital bill. In no way did I have any intention for this to go viral and be taken over by the Australian media.”

Hunt said he refused to talk to media outlets who contacted him about the GoFundMe page as he did not want to shed a negative light on Bali, which he considered his second home.

Bali Police Senior Commissioner Bayu Satake said police investigated the incident following the publicity.

He said a witness told police that Hunt was allegedly speeding on a scooter around 4am on January 12 when he hit a speed bump and crashed, losing consciousness.


“Around 4.30am the foreigner woke up with his face full of blood and he immediately left,” Satake said.

Satake said Hunt initially told police he injured himself while drunk after dropping his phone and being pushed over by a stranger as he bent over to collect it.

Based on a preliminary police investigation, Satake said Hunt “experienced a single traffic accident because he was driving under drunk condition and no elements of robbery and torture were found”.

“We hope all people in Bali and tourists [choose] to wisely use social media and don’t easily trust hoax information that could provide negative impact on Bali,” he said.

A GoFundMe spokeswoman said the website’s trust and safety team was liaising with both the campaign organiser and the beneficiary, Melissa Hunt, in relation to the status of this fundraiser.

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