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Bob haircut: Short hair in 2023


The bob, lob (long bob) and job (jaw bob) are back with a vengeance.

In fact, #bobhaircut has more than 614 million views on TikTok – and on Instagram there are more than two million posts with #bobhaircut. Two of our favourite advocates are Succession’s Shiv Roy (Sarah Snook) and Irish actor Charlie Murphy, who plays Anna Barton in Netflix’s Obsession.

Succession’s Shiv Roy rocks the bob.

We love Shiv’s “quiet luxury” and how her hair (with the help of stylist Angel De Angelis) has morphed as the series has progressed. Whether it’s a poker-straight long bob or a shorter bob with kinks, we are hooked. And to keep Shiv-inspired red hair colour fade at bay, colourist Damien Rayner suggests Davines Alchemic Conditioner Golden (, $47).

In season one, Shiv wears her strawberry-blonde hair long and tousled into loose waves. Season two sees her locks chopped into a blunt lob, the perfect cut for flouncing in and out of meetings, and undoubtedly with keratin treatments to keep it looking sleek. Season three sees Shiv’s lob shrink to a slightly frazzled bob with the occasional kink.

Charlie Murphy, who plays a smouldering temptress in Obsession, has had many hair incarnations – brunette to blonde, long to short – but her sexy, curly, new bob is the bomb.

The fringe is sassy and lash-grazing, and her curl factor is sublime – she’s always twirling her hair provocatively. And thanks to its feather-light edges, it doesn’t look blocky. “Hair straighteners can be used in so many ways, to create a finger-wave curl or a poker-straight finish,” says Rayner.


There are some rules of thumb in getting a cut that doesn’t look mumsy: if you’ve got a round face, try a shoulder-length lob; if your face is oval, you can wear pretty much any length; if your face is heart- or square-shaped go chin length to highlight your jawline. (As an aside, bob queen Anna Wintour gets her fringe trimmed twice a week – this style requires serious maintenance.)

For fine hair, a blunt lob will make your hair appear fuller. If your hair is thick, avoid the mushroom effect by asking your stylist to take weight out by cutting up into it to thin it. Those with thick hair should also consider a pomade like Kevin.Murphy Super.Goo ($46), putting the majority in the back of the hair, then running some through the lengths and ends to give a broken, textured finish. Styling your lob with a tong for some waves and bends always looks good and give the roots a spray with a dry shampoo such as Klorane Oat Milk Dry Shampoo ($17) to make it last longer.

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