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China vows more data, policies for stable hog supply in fourth quarter


HONG KONG : China will increase hog production information and introduce support policies to ensure stable pork supply in the fourth quarter, especially during major holidays, the agriculture ministry said on Monday.

In order to guide the production, it is necessary to increase the frequency of information release such as the key indicators of breeding sows and live pigs, the ministry said in a statement released after a meeting with six authorities including National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and ministry of commerce.

Further implementation of long-term support such as loans, environmental and land-use policies are also needed to stabilize breeding expectations, it added.

Hog prices in China have rallied about 40 per cent in the last three months, boosting prices of the nation’s favourite meat at a time of slowing economic growth.

Earlier this month, China’s state planner said the country’s supply of hogs was sufficient and would increase towards the end of the year, guaranteeing pork prices would stay in a “reasonable” range.

The meeting also called for coordinated measures from production to import, and making efforts in the prevention and control of African swine fever.

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