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chrome: Getting signed out of your Chrome browser: 5 things to check to fix it


Google Chrome is one of the world’s most-popular browsers. With 3 billion-plus users, it is the most widely-used browsers globally. Reasons for the same include convenience, simplicity and easy usability. However, there may be times you face some bugs. One common annoyance you may experience in Chrome is that the browser keeps logging you out. Here are some simple fixes you can try to resolve this issue.
Before you start
Your Chrome account is part of your Google Account. So, all settings in your Chrome account are linked to your Google account. To access the same, you need to be signed in to your Google account.
Check Google services Status Dashboard
First find if the issue is limited to you or it is result of an outage at the company’s end. For this go to Google’s services dashboard – — You can use the Google Workspace Status Dashboard to check the current and past status of core Google Workspace services, such as Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Meet. The Status Dashboard also shows any recent outages or disruptions.
Check Chrome Sign in Settings
Check Google Chrome settings to see if Chrome Sign-in feature is On.
* Click on the three vertical dots in the top-right corner
* Click on Settings from the dropdown menu
* Go to Sync and Google services option
* Turn on the Allow Chrome Sign-in by dragging the toggle
* Once done, Relaunch the browser to apply the changes made
Check the Cookies in Chrome
It is mandatory for your to enable cookies as Chrome won’t remember your sign-in information unless you enable cookies. Chrome may log you out if you don’t have cookies enabled in your browser. Check the same by following these steps:
* Tap on three vertical dots at the top right and go to the Settings in Google Chrome
* On this page, go to Cookies and other site data
* If the cookies are already enabled, tap on Cookies and other site data to open up general settings for cookies
* Check if you have mistakenly added one or more sites in Sites that can never use cookies or ‘Always clear cookies when windows are closed’ options
* Another thing to check is if your antivirus is not deleting cookies after every scan. As some antivirus or related software may delete your cookies.
Check your Chrome Extensions
It is likely that a Chrome extensions may be to blame. Though it is rare, but some security or privacy-focused extensions may play truant with cookies logs out your account when the browser is closed.
* Tap on three vertical dots
* Go to More tools > Extensions
* It will open a page with list of Extensions
* Delete the Extension you think may be causing the issue
Check if your Chrome version is updated
Make sure your you not using an outdated version of Chrome, as it might be the reason that Chrome is logging you out. Update your browser to see if it fixes the issue.
* Click on three vertical dots
* Go to Help > About Chrome
* If Chrome is updated, you will see the message: “Google Chrome is up to date”
* If a new update is available, tap on Update and relaunch the browser
Check if it is time to reset Chrome
If none of the above fixes work, reset Google Chrome. As this will reset all settings to default. Be sure to enable sync and cookies settings again if resetting Chrome turns them off.
* Click on three vertical dots
* Open Settings from the dropdown menu
* Scroll down and expand the Advanced settings
* Tap on Restore settings to their original defaults.
* Tap on Reset Settings

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