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Coign, first conservative credit card, challenges woke corporate America


What’s in your wallet is probably a credit card that supports an array of left-wing causes, and Rob Collins wants that to change.

Mr. Collins announced Tuesday the launch of Coign, billed as the first credit card created “by conservatives for conservatives” who would prefer that their purchases work for the causes they believe in, instead of against them.

“Too many corporations are investing their customers’ money in political and social priorities that align with their executives, the media, and the Left’s agenda,” said Mr. Collins, who founded Coign. “For the first time, the Coign card will allow conservatives to ‘Spend Right’ no matter where they shop.”

The red Coign credit card, a Visa that offers 1% cashback on every purchase, comes as the latest challenge from the right to woke corporate America, which includes the credit-card industry.

“In recent years, mainstream banks, credit card companies and corporations have pursued far-left agendas and have not invested or supported their conservative customers’ views,” Coign said in a statement. “Instead, they have supported the politics of the left and have given billions to groups aligned with far-left liberal causes.”

For example, American Express has been accused of pushing a woke agenda that divides employees along race, gender and sexuality lines in the aftermath of its $1 billion action plan unveiled in October 2020 to advance its “diversity, inclusion and equity priorities.”

Three of the “big eight” U.S. credit card companies signed onto the Human Rights Campaign’s March 31 statement against “anti-LGBTQ+ legislation,” which includes bills to prohibit male-born athletes from competing in female sports.

Coign, pronounced “coin,” promises to “let conservatives voice their priorities through charitable donations they get to pick.”

“We want to build something that reflects our mindset and celebrates what we do, and invest in causes that we care about and strengthen them so that we can have our point of view well represented,” Mr. Collins told The Washington Times.

Serving as Coign advisors are former Sen. Cory Gardner, Colorado Republican; Canvass America founder Chris Hansen, who served as National Republican Senatorial Committee executive director during the 2018 election cycle; and Republican strategist Matt Lira.

Mr. Collins also worked in the GOP hustings for the NRSC, later founding S-3 Public Affairs and helping steer then-Judge Neil Gorsuch through the 2017 Supreme Court confirmation process.

He said he grew frustrated with the leftward tilt of the culture, including the messaging his four children were receiving at school, and began doing market research on how to make a difference.

“One thing that came out loud and clear with conservatives is that a lot of them don’t want to be in the public square fighting, but they want to help out,” Mr. Collins said. “They’re really busy, so they want something that’s seamless and, in a sense, fits in their wallet and allows them to help without taking primarily time out of their day.”

In terms of credit cards, “they wanted a high-quality product that gave them 1% cash back and was secure and safe.”

He said he sees conservatives moving to create their own products as  corporate boards and C-suites fall under the influence of the left.
One example: Last month, the Daily Wire launched Jeremy’s Razors, named after Daily Wire CEO Jeremy Boreing, who also stars in the product’s ads.

The decision by the conservative media company to get into the shaving business came after Harry’s razors pulled its ads over what the Daily Wire described as “the ‘inexcusable’ comments made on a Daily Wire host about gender identity.”

“When they use their dollars to ram their point of view down your throat, it has a really negative impact,” Mr. Collins said. “We’re seeing that more and more, with conservatives saying, ‘We’re going to make our own razors, we’re going to make our own coffee.’ Almost 30 years ago, we started our own TV [network] in a sense.”

That would be Fox News, now the nation’s top cable-news channel. The media landscape is now festooned with conservative and center-right outlets challenging the leftward title of the legacy newspapers and networks.

“The rise of the center-right media is a direct result of the mainstream players saying, ‘We’re just not interested in this 40% of the market. We just don’t care.’ They’re wrong,” Mr. Collins said.

Cardholders will vote on which charitable causes and organizations are funded by the company, which is off to a strong start, he said.

“We’re excited. It’s our first day,” Mr. Collins said. “We’re dealing with all the first-day jitters and challenges, but we’re getting there. We’ve had a very good response so far, so I’m excited.”

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