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Commentary: Stop wasting time and energy toggling between apps in the office



Even before the pandemic, many people were already feeling overwhelmed by technology, which led to the common misconception that IT departments should be in charge of implementing new software tools. This belief harms businesses, as it is no longer in line with the technology solutions available today.

Any employee from any department of any company can seek, customise and implement a piece of software that will reduce their time spent on menial tasks, such as mindless app hopping. Where you used to need coding skills, all you need now is motivation and a flexible mindset.

Another misconception about business software is that different jobs have different needs, therefore each department within a company needs its own specialised software tool. Multiplying tools make collaboration more difficult, which is why modern providers have designed multi-use platforms to accommodate the diverse needs of companies.

Beyond that, business leaders must be selective with every piece of software used in the office. While some apps are still deemed essential in the workplace, the future of business software will expect these platforms to be pairable with an integrated and interconnected ecosystem across multiple departments.

Recognising the poor cost-effectiveness of juggling too many apps may be the wake-up call many businesses need to finally provide their employees with technology people actually want to use. Business software should raise productivity and satisfaction, not confusion and frustration.

Now, back to that report of mine.

Yoshihisa Aono is the CEO and Co-Founder of Cybozu, whose flagship product is the groupware platform Kintone. He is also the author of several workplace-related books.

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