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Cops probing if man in ‘Patiala CCTV footage’ is Amritpal Singh | India News

PATIALA: The district police in Patiala are trying to identify a man in a CCTV footage posted on social media who is alleged to be Waris Punjab De’s chief Amritpal Singh. The footage is claimed to have been sourced fr om a house in Patiala’s Sri Chand Colony but police haven’t confirmed whether the man in it is Amritpal.
Many users have shared it from different platforms. The clip is said to be from March 19, a day after police began a manhunt for Amritpal and his aides. Police have asked the public to be vigilant and have laid traps across the district.
Cops claimed to have released three of the seven people arrested in Patiala on Saturday. Asked about the video of a pink-turbaned man in jacket and goggles,Patiala SSP Varun Sharma said: “We are checking the video. ”

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