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Designs made by acid attack survivors from India create buzz at Milan Fashion Week


In a special, designs created by acid attack survivors from India won big at the Milan Fashion Week. The designs were under the brand Ara Lumiere.

Ara Lumiere is a fashion brand working towards, empowering acid and burn victim survivors through hand crafted apparel and more made by the survivors of such attacks. Brought together by Hothur Foundation under the mentorship of Kulsum Shadab Wahab.

This season unlike any other staged as a presentation at Milan Fashion Week puts into action towards expression and resilience. Along with a huge announcement set to take place on a winning front of a globally prestigious award for the brand at CNMI Sustainable Fashion Awards 2022. Which is a big step towards empowering the survivors. That will accelerate the process to bring awareness towards this cause and foundation.

Ara Lumiere consists of talented women who are above all inspirational with unmatched resilience, the brand sets as an expression that embodies the transcends of healing and transformation to take back their control of a narrative imprinted by their surroundings. Supporting Ara Lumiere is supporting these women, in a way bringing a new sense of independence and hope into their lives with the proceeds going back to the women for their rehabilitation.

the unbound(3)

Progressing through the visionary of colours and prints that represent and resonate summer with dynamic lilacs and reds. All the pieces have a timeless radiance that transcends resilience. While being a 100% sustainable. The collection graphically represents the thoughts of art and identity that are the core essence of the survivors.

As the pendulum swings between different trends our goal towards sustainability remains as it is, an essential need of the hour. The goal at Ara Lumiere is to build step-by-step goals to have a system which works without leaving a negative footprint, especially through the use of organic inks, eco- friendly packaging and repurposed waste fabric into head couture.

The undound

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