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Dining With The Queen Of Versailles, Jackie Siegel


Best known for the titular role in the 2012 documentary The Queen of Versailles, Jackie Siegel is a name is synonymous with American pop culture. After the debut of her documentary, she became a household name thanks to her and her family’s extravagant lifestyle on screen that was fascinating then and continues to captivate audiences now.

The next chapter of the original documentary continues in her newest television series, Queen of Versailles Reigns Again (Discovery+ and HBO Max), which follows the trials and tribulations that she and husband David face as they finish construction on the largest single-family home in the United States.

For 20 years the making of the 90,000 square-foot home has been a part of their lives, but surprisingly has not fully consumed them as many might think.  For those who have not tuned in, the show strongly focuses on the family aspect of life, as it explores themes of resilience, personal growth, and the pursuit of dreams — no matter how opulent.

In addition to her new series, she’s preparing for the upcoming Broadway production of her regal real-life story starring Kristin Chenoweth. The Queen of Versailles musical stage adaptation is being produced by the leading lady along with Oscar-winning songwriter Stephen Schwartz and directed by Tony nominee Michael Arden.

In addition to her career as a reality star, she’s also a philanthropic figure who created the Victoria’s Voice Foundation after she lost her daughter due to a drug overdose at age 18. Victoria’s Voice helps to create novel resources to educate, inspire, change and give hope to families affected by the drug crisis.

We chatted with Jackie on three of her go to restaurants she frequents when she’s not cooking American fare at home. “I most enjoy dining at restaurants that serve food I can’t cook at home. I love cooking steaks, roasts… But I know my limits,” explains Jackie who loves restaurants with a side of entertainment, think: Benihana’s. “I leave the Asian cuisines to the masters.”

Here are her top picks!

TAO Downtown

East Coast work trips for Jackie always include a visit to TAO Downtown in Manhattan. Nestled in the Chelsea District, TAO Downtown is an upscale club-restaurant establishment that seamlessly combines Asian cuisine with an ambiance that is worthy of a night out in the Big Apple. As you step into the restaurant, you are immediately transported into a world of ritz and mystique. The sprawling space is adorned with opulent decor, a huge Quan Yin centerpiece, and a captivating atmosphere that fuses modern elegance with traditional Asian elements.

The menu at TAO Downtown showcases an array of tantalizing dishes inspired by the diverse flavors of Asian cuisine. From delectable sushi and sashimi to flavorful dim sum and wok-fired delicacies, every dish is meticulously crafted and artfully presented. Some of her favorites include the miso roasted black cd with grilled Tokyo negi and young ginger; wagyu ribeye teppaniyaki; and the Omakase chef’s selection of whatever is freshest that night.

Nobu Las Vegas

Nobu in Las Vegas is always an entertaining culinary destination that perfectly blends Japanese traditions with contemporary flair. Located within the iconic Caesars Palace, this Nobu is the largest of them all and is the only location in the U.S. that features Teppan tables.

The Teppanyaki experience follows the Edomae of eating sushi, meaning one piece at a time. Jackie enjoys the curated Teppanyaki tasting menu when dining here, as every course cooked right in front of you. Not to mention, every item is exclusive to the Teppan tables and not served with any other Nobu dining experience.

The menu features a delectable array of dishes created by world-renowned chef Nobu Matsuhisa, known for his innovative and skilled approach to Japanese cuisine. His most popular signature dish, and also one of Jackie’s favorites, is the black cod with sweet miso in a bite size piece over garlic chips and ginger in a butter lettuce cup. Don’t pass on this Nobu’s special dishes like the brick oven roasted lobster or smoked seabass with shichimi amazu.

Nobu Los Angeles

Nobu in Los Angeles is an exceptional dining establishment that Jackie frequents whether she’s celebrating a special occasion or enjoying a night out on the town. The restaurant’s ambiance exudes a chic and modern elegance, with a sleek yet warm design that sets the stage for a memorable dining experience.

While still in the Nobu family, this location offers guests a Peruvian slant on their traditional Japanese fusion cuisine. It features a selection of dishes special to this location like the prime tenderloin with chimichurri, Glacier 51 black pepper Chilean sea bass, truffle panko scallops and the prime ribeye crispy onion.

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