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Dublin Airport aims to shorten security queues to under 20 minutes – The Irish Times


Dublin Airport aims to get 90 per cent of passengers through security in less than 20 minutes this summer in a plan announced on Tuesday.

Airport operator DAA will add extra seats, including areas set aside for families, boost wifi speeds and add to food and drink choices in both Dublin’s terminals as part of a 15-point improvement scheme.

DAA said it would aim to get nine out of 10 passengers through security in less than 20 minutes during the summer, so far this year it says 92 per cent of people have been processed within this time.

It is advising short-haul travellers to arrive two hours before their flight and those embarking on longer journeys to turn up three hours before.

Announcing the details, DAA chief executive, Kenny Jacobs said the plan was based on passenger feedback.

“This summer, our passengers can expect to see more staff, shorter queues, more seats, new family seating zones and less clutter across the airport,” he added.

“There will be more buses and taxis at the airport, and more places to eat and drink.”

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Dublin Airport is also focusing on cleanliness, the source of much criticism last year.

Staff are putting in 1,500 hours of cleaning and completing 120 inspections daily, which DAA says has already earned positive feedback from customers.

A shortage of security staff in Dublin Airport on the last Sunday in May last year caused around 1,400 passengers to miss flights.

DAA hired more frontline officers through the summer, but waiting times remained long for much of the peak holiday period.

However, Dublin did not ask airlines to cut back on schedules on to help it cope with the squeeze on staff, a step taken by several big European airports last year.

Mr Jacobs also noted that Dublin was facing a busy summer.

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