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European University graduate ranks among the top scorers in the Indian medical exam


A recent graduate, Alikya Chipurupalli, from the European University in Tbilisi, has achieved an outstanding feat by ranking among the top four performers across India in the challenging Foreign Medical Graduate Examination. Chipurupalli’s remarkable accomplishment not only underscores her hard work but also highlights the university’s dedication to delivering excellent medical education.
Chipurupalli, who completed the rigorous Medical Doctor Programme in English at the European University, has achieved a score of 229 out of 300 in the Indian medical licensing exam. This accomplishment reflects the high-quality education she received in Georgia.
Expressing her gratitude, Chipurupalli credited the European University and its faculty for her success. She emphasized that the university’s support extended beyond academic teaching, encompassing vital practical training and professional development. The university’s carefully designed curriculum, aligned with international standards, played a pivotal role in Chipurupalli’s global achievement.
The European University stands out for its emphasis on practical experience. Its advanced clinic, the Jo Ann University Hospital, offers students a unique opportunity to engage in hands-on clinical practice guided by experienced professionals. This practical exposure significantly contributed to refining Chipurupalli’s skills, aligning them with her career goals. The university’s commitment to combining theoretical knowledge with real-world application has greatly contributed to the success stories of its graduates.
Notably, the European University holds a special place in Georgia as the first higher education institution to have its own clinic. This distinctive feature not only provides an exceptional learning environment but also reflects the university’s dedication to producing skilled medical professionals. The availability of on-site clinical training ensures that graduates are well-prepared to tackle the challenges of the medical field.
The European University’s dedication to student’s well-being is evident through its provision of a modern dormitory equipped with essential amenities. This secure and comfortable living space, conveniently located near the educational facilities, offers students an environment conducive to learning and personal growth.
Alikya Chipurupalli’s achievement serves as an inspiration to aspiring medical students globally. Her success in the Indian medical licensing exam reflects the European University’s unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch education, practical training, and global standards. The university’s distinctive approach to medical education, characterized by its own clinic and comprehensive curriculum, equips students not only to pass exams but also to excel in their careers. Graduates of European University are successful doctors and work in different countries from all over the world.
The Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) is a vital assessment for medical graduates holding degrees from foreign universities, aiming to practice medicine in India. Administered by the National Board of Examinations (NBE), this licensure exam gauges the medical knowledge, skills, and competency of these graduates, ensuring equivalence with their Indian counterparts. Covering subjects like clinical knowledge, ethics, and patient care, FMGE employs multiple-choice questions across medical disciplines. Eligibility mandates proof of a recognized foreign medical degree. Successful candidates receive registration certificates from the Medical Council of India (MCI) or the National Medical Commission (NMC), allowing them to practice medicine in India. FMGE plays a crucial role in maintaining healthcare standards and patient safety. Preparation involves a comprehensive study of medical subjects and familiarity with the exam format, often aided by tailored preparatory courses.

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Content produced on behalf of European University, Tbilisi, Georgia.
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