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Fir real? A guide to buying your first artificial Christmas tree


The best part about having a Christmas tree is the decorating, of course.

With over a thousand varieties at Masons’ showroom, it’s easy to be overwhelmed though, especially for the first-timer.

Mr Chua suggests first looking at the room picked for the tree as a guide. Are there more warm tones or cool tones? For those with woodwork and rooms that feature red, yellow, brown and beige hues, complement them with decorations that are similar in colour or simply find ornaments in gold. If one has materials like cement, cool metallics or black, pick from shades of green, blue, purple or silver.

You can also take inspiration from the tree. The Amazzonia Hyper Realistic Cashmere Pine (S$109 to S$299) has a soft dusting that works well with cool- or pastel-coloured ornaments. The Abaco Hyper Realistic Giant Needle Pine (S$109 to S$299) has a deeper shade of green that works well with warm-toned decor.

After deciding the colour theme, Mr Chua recommends starting with a box of 24 single-coloured baubles to fill up the tree, and adding another box if one wishes for density. To create texture, choose one to three boxes of more intricate baubles, like sparkly rhinestone baubles.

If budget allows, try incorporating some other holiday favourites, such as ribbons and tree picks or sprays. The former can be woven through the tree or be tied into bows, and the latter adds interesting textures and silhouettes to your tree. You’ll find it easy to attach these ornaments to artificial trees, because their durable and flexible make allows one to bend the needles to better hold them.

Lights and a tree topper are a must. Masons offers the 100-bulb variety on a 10m cable, all endorsed with Singapore’s safety mark. Pro tip: Threading the lights through the tree first before adding the decorations helps to hide the wires for a more polished look. Rustic rattan tree collars are also available at Masons to make the tree look potted.


Online shopping has become the norm, but with so many sellers in the market, shoppers are advised to do their due diligence before making a purchase. According to Mr Chua, it is not uncommon for one to choose a lush-looking presentation on a website, only to be delivered a tree that is sparse and spindly. Masons uses actual pictures of the trees on its website, to give customers peace of mind.

Another way to determine reliability is via social proof, which can be gleaned from online reviews and social media accounts. Ensure that the seller has a sound reputation on all platforms, said Mr Chua.

At Masons’ showroom, you can inspect the trees in person, while making shopping there a bonding opportunity for families and housemates. After all, Christmas is about gathering, and all the better if it were beside that new tree.

Buy your first tree and brighten it up with decorations at Masons Home Decor. Same-day delivery is available for purchases above S$200; otherwise, a delivery charge of S$7.90 per order applies. 

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