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Gold, silver prices on May 22: Check latest rates in your city


The price of gold and silver remained unchanged on Monday as the previous day’s figures, according to Goodreturns. The cost of one gram of 22 carat gold remained stagnant to 5,630 while, eight gram’s price stands at 45,040 and 10 gram of 22K gold is available at 56,300.

Gold, silver prices: The precious metal is considered a hedge against inflation.(Mint file)

Similarly, one gram, eight gram, and 100 gram of 24K gold are priced at 6,142, 49,136, and 61,420, respectively.

The precious metal is considered a hedge against inflation.

Meanwhile, the price of silver also remained unchanged on Monday. According to Goodreturns figures, a gram of silver is priced at 75.30 while, the price of eight grams of silver stood at 602.40. Ten grams of silver is available at 753 while one kg of silver will cost 75,300.

CHENNAI 56,800 790
MUMBAI 56,300 753
DELHI 56,450 753
KOLKATA 56,300 753
BENGALURU 56,350 790

The rates mentioned above are not inclusive of taxes such as GST, TCS, and local levies. In order to get the exact selling price, it is advised to get in touch with local jewellers.

Last month, the 22k gold achieved the highest rate of 56,650 on April 14, while 24k of gold was priced at 61,800 on the same day. The lowest rate in the month for 22k gold was recorded at 54,700 on April 3 while 24k gold was priced at 59,670 on the same day.

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