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Google promises to fix security flaw with Android smartphones


Last week, it was reported that smartphones from the likes of Google, Xiaomi, Oppo, Samsung are carrying security vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit. According to a report by 9to5Google, Google has now confirmed that it is working on a fix to resolve the issue.
What is the security vulnerability that is found in Android phones?
Google’s Project Zero team — consists of security analysts — recently highlighted that smartphones that come with Arm’s Mali GPU were at risk. The team revealed that the vulnerabilities had been first found in June and on its part Arm fixed them a month later. The security issue can allow allow attackers to gain full access to a users’ smartphone and get a hold of their data.
What does Google have to say about the issue?
As per the report by 9to5Google, Google’s Android and Pixel teams issued a statement in which they said, “The fix provided by Arm is currently undergoing testing for Android and Pixel devices and will be delivered in the coming weeks.” Further, they noted that other Android OEM partners will have to take the patch to ensure that the vulnerabilities are indeed fixed.
It’s not clear by when the issue will be fixed as Google has said “coming weeks” and not mentioned the exact date.
What did security analysts have to say?
In a blog post, Google’s Project Zero team had urged smartphone vendors to “minimise the patch gap” as in these scenarios is arguably more important, as end users (or other vendors downstream) are blocking on this action before they can receive the security benefits of the patch.”

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