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Heatwave on the way with temperatures set to hit 30 degrees next weekend – The Irish Times


Current Met Éireann models are predicting a heatwave for many parts of the country next week with the possibility of 30 degrees being breached for the first time in August since 2003.

A high pressure area will bring steadily improving temperatures to the country over the next week and it will get progressively hotter every day.

The hot weather will persist into next weekend and the early days of the following week.

Currently, the models are showing temperatures of 30 degrees in inland areas in the southeast next weekend.

This is likely to be the first time since 2003 there will be a heatwave in Ireland in August. The last time that 30 degrees was experienced in the month was during the heatwave that lasted from August 4th to 8th in that year.

The definition of a heatwave in Ireland is five successive days with temperatures above 25 degrees. The current models suggest there will be temperatures above 25 degrees in many parts of the country from Wednesday next week until Tuesday the following week at least.

Met Éireann forecaster Brandon Creagh said the hot weather will be the result of warm air from the Continent.

The current models are strengthening that there will be a heatwave from Wednesday and it will cover much of the country for the following days.

Mr Creagh said the highest temperatures are at the “upper end” of the ensemble weather predictions, but there is little doubt there will be hot weather from the middle of next week.

“The current high pressure pattern that is sitting over us is going to persist for a while,” he said.

“At the moment, it is from a north-westerly air flow, but it will change to a south-easterly air flow which will bring continental air over the country. That’s why the models are going for those really high, dry temperatures.

“If it plays out as is predicted at the moment, the hot weather will be widespread. Most areas will get into the high 20s even reaching the 30s particularly in from coastal areas.

“By Wednesday we are getting into the mid-20s and then from Thursday we will get the high-20s and the possibility of 30 degrees next weekend.”

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