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Hermes takes polished fashion to desert rave set at Paris Fashion Week


PARIS : Hermes artistic director Nadege Vanhee-Cybulski seized on the vibes of the Burning Man Festival, adding swirls of color and utilitarian touches to a sleek spring and summer collection sent down the runway on Saturday to techno beats.

“A rave in the desert,” announced show notes which were handed out by attendants in suits who also greeted guests with glasses of champagne.

The audience was seated on risers facing a hulking set in the shape of a mound of desert sand – a white form that came alive with moving colors when the show started.

Models marched around the plushly-carpeted set on cubist-style platform sandals.

The first look was classic Hermes: a pale, tan leather shirt and trouser ensemble, the top with a collar and wide sleeves, while pant legs were gently cinched at the bottom.

A burst of russet-colored looks came later, followed by silky dresses in large patches of orange and pink, garments crafted from perforated leather and slightly bolder, graphic prints outlined with black.

Tent-like straps lifted panels from hems and decorated bared midriffs, while laces ran up and down seams and a minimalist military-style leather vest had a slim backpack pouch.

Celebrities and international crowds have flooded the French capital for Paris Fashion Week, which winds up on Oct. 4, and has marked the fashion industry’s sweeping return as the post-pandemic boom in luxury sales continues.

Italian fashion house Valentino shows Sunday, while Chanel and Louis Vuitton hit the runway on Tuesday.

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