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Hogwarts Legacy cheat sheet goes viral that prevents backtracking. All details


A gamer has discovered a clever solution to prevent backtracking in Hogwarts Legacy, by creating a cheat sheet for the game. The highly anticipated Hogwarts Legacy is an expansive open-world game that offers players numerous activities to engage in. After completing a few main missions, players are free to explore the intricately designed and magical world of the game. However, players may experience a slight inconvenience, as some side activities found by free-roaming cannot be completed until later in the game. The cheat sheet provides information on which activities can be completed at each stage of the game, saving players time and frustration.

Backtracking can become a real problem for those who want to avoid it while exploring the wizarding world in Hogwarts Legacy. For instance, players may come across locked doors that require the Alohomora spell, which is only unlocked after completing a great deal of main missions. Moreover, gamers can also find locked eye chests that require the Disillusionment spell, which can only be unlocked after more than a dozen missions. These are just a couple of examples that can quickly turn a pleasant gameplay session into a chore.

The_Partisan_Spy, a Reddit user, has come up with a cheat sheet that can completely eliminate backtracking in Hogwarts Legacy. The detailed sheet displays when the essential spells can be unlocked in the main questline and which spell is required for each side activity. For instance, players need to acquire most of the spells in the game to complete the Merlin Trials, with Flipendo being the last spell required that can be obtained after completing the 28th mission. This implies that players must finish the quests first before attempting to solve all Merlin Trials.


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Cheat sheet for the title. (Reddit: u/The_Partisan_Spy)

Interestingly, the Hogwarts Legacy community is both impressed and intrigued by the intricate cheat sheet. At first glance, it may seem overwhelming, but upon closer inspection, it becomes easier to comprehend. According to the sheet, completing a total of 37 main missions is necessary to fully avoid the game’s tedious backtracking. Additionally, the sheet displays the total number of side activities and collectibles available in the game.

The cheat sheet created by The_Partisan_Spy could prove to be a valuable resource for Hogwarts Legacy players seeking to optimize their gaming experience and avoid backtracking. With the game’s reported low completion rate, such tools can be critical to help players progress and fully enjoy the wizarding journey.

The magical world of Hogwarts Legacy can now be explored on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. Players on PS4 and Xbox One will have to wait until May 5th to join the adventure, while Nintendo Switch users will have to wait until July 25th to cast their first spells.


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