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How and why to link your personal account to Uber for Business


Many of us travel for both personal and business reasons, and sometimes, it’s hard to keep them separate. And with the continued trend toward blended travel, where trips have both leisure and business purposes, this is even more challenging. The last thing you want is to charge a personal expense to a business card (or vice versa).

That’s what makes Uber for Business so powerful.

With a business profile, you can unlock added perks when traveling for work and easily separate personal and business trips or meals with a simple toggle. You’ll still be able to enjoy the benefits you already get when riding or eating with Uber on vacation.

Here’s what you may be missing out on by not having a business profile with Uber.

Unlock business travel perks


Time is of the essence for many work trips. A training session can run late, putting you at risk of missing a flight, while a stormy morning can make it harder to get from your hotel to that off-site meeting location.

Thankfully, Uber for Business offers valuable perks to make business travel less stressful.

The first is Uber Business Comfort. This ride option is exclusive to eligible business travelers (those with a business profile linked to a company that’s opted into Uber for Business). When available, Uber Business Comfort offers priority pickup in select cities (excludes airports; faster pickup not guaranteed), newer cars, extra time to meet your driver and even customizable preferences like ideal temperature in the vehicle.

You can also utilize Uber Reserve when traveling for work. This option allows you to preschedule your rides in select markets up to 90 days in advance and know the price upfront (subject to driver confirmation). Uber Reserve’s technology helps ensure you’re picked up for a stress-free ride, including extra wait time so you can double check you’ve got everything before hitting the road.

Using Uber Reserve in conjunction with Uber Business Comfort in select locations ensures that you get premium support and a comfortable ride on your work trips.

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Finally, Uber One is introducing 6% Uber Cash on eligible rides for members (available in select markets and subject to eligibility criteria; learn more here). This allows you to earn Uber Cash while traveling for work — which you can then spend on personal rides and Uber Eats orders when you’re back home.

Enjoy a seamless interface and automated expensing


When you add a business profile to your personal Uber account, there’s no complicated switchover or need to log out of one and into the other. Instead, you can toggle between profiles while using the app for personal trips and company purposes.

Once your accounts are linked, you’ll see the option to easily switch back and forth when you go to request a ride or order a meal.

However, it isn’t just about separating your personal and business rides. Uber for Business also has direct integrations with numerous expense management software providers, including SAP Concur. No more taking screenshots or saving PDFs of receipts to manually upload when it’s time for reimbursement. You can automatically sync your business trip expenses with your company’s expense tool.

Utilize existing benefits


Here at TPG, we love combining rewards when we travel, and Uber is one of the easiest platforms to accomplish this goal. Many travelers already have existing benefits for Uber rides, including:

Creating a business profile helps you easily earn on business travel and use those rewards towards personal trips and Uber Eats orders.

Setting up a business profile will ensure your work and personal expenses remain separate, and there’s no need to worry about charging the wrong payment method. Even if you use your personal Amex card for work expenses, your monthly Uber Cash will not be used as payment unless you specifically turn it on.

The bonus Marriott Bonvoy points will post to your account for both personal and business rides — putting you that much closer to free nights at participating properties.

Related: How to redeem points with the Marriott Bonvoy program

How to get started


The process of setting up a business profile is very straightforward.

Click here to get started on your phone or computer, or open your Uber app and follow the instructions below.

In the Uber app, tap Account at the bottom right and scroll down to tap Business hub. Click Get started, then select Ride for business.

Enter your work email to see if you are eligible to join your organization’s business account. If your company has an Uber for Business account, you can access Uber Business Comfort and your company’s specific perks. If not, continue to create a business profile.

Once this is complete, you’re ready to start using your business profile to make your next work trip even more comfortable.

Already have a business profile? Check to see if your organization has updated benefits by selecting “Add another business profile” in the wallet section of the app and entering your work email.

Bottom line

Traveling for business doesn’t need to complicate your life, and Uber for Business takes this notion to heart.

With a simple interface, seamless integrations, added perks and the ability to enjoy the benefits you already get on your rides and meals, the platform helps ensure you have everything you need for more comfortable and rewarding travels.

If you haven’t already, link your personal account to Uber for Business today — and begin experiencing all that the platform has to offer.

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