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IIT Kharagpur student may have been killed: Forensic expert | India News

KOLKATA: IIT Kharagpur student Faizan Ahmed could have been murdered, the Calcutta high court-appointed forensic expert A K Gupta told the HC in a report on Tuesday, prompting Justice Rajasekhar Mantha to observe that it was time to explore whether murder charges should be added.
The forensic expert’s report said Ahmed’s second postmortem had indicated injuries on the back of his head and chest, and that the death could have been from blood loss. The HC, which will hear the case on Friday, observed that IIT Kharagpur could have “influenced” the first postmortem report, which had glossed over those injuries.
Justice Mantha, saying the “time has come” to explore whether murder charges should be added and suspects identified, asked the Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL) to submit the viscera report within a week, and asked police to produce the case dairy in court at the next hearing. The HC sought the viscera report after a police report mentioned “a chemical called emplura (sodium nitrate) in a bottle” had been seized from the spot where Ahmed’s body had been found. The HC also indicated that it may explore setting up a special investigation team (SIT) to probe the case.
Gupta, a forensic expert who has earlier worked for the state government, had told the HC that after going through the video of the first postmortem, he had noticed some injuries “over the (cranial) vault of the head” and “front left side of the chest close to the left axilla”. There was no mention of these injuries in the first postmortem report. The HC had ordered the exhumation of the body from Dibrugarh and a second postmortem be performed in Kolkata, in Gupta’s presence. The second postmortem has established those injuries.
Speaking to TOI, Ahmed’s mother, Rehana, said: “This fight is not for us, but for all parents like us.”

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