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India in the Indo-Pacific: Pursuing prosperity and security


Recently in Tokyo, United States (US) President Joe Biden launched the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity (IPEF) with a dozen initial partners. One of them being India. Prime Minister Modi at the announcement of IPEF highlighted India’s commitment to development, peace and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific region.

The importance of the Indo-Pacific region in India’s foreign policy cannot be understated. There is growing convergence of global powers on the Indo-Pacific, evident from the proliferation of bilateral and multilateral initiatives in the region, in which India is increasingly a participant. The intensifying contestation and provocations, led by China, underscores the necessity for India to identify a pragmatic and strategic role for itself in the Indo-Pacific.

The time is right to have a renewed focus on regional geopolitics – and no region is now more important than the Indo-Pacific.

This series of essays, written by subject experts, explores the opportunities available for India to contribute to strengthening the region’s various dimensions:

1) Energy and Environment: Growth in the Indo-Pacific region can be led by mobilising emerging technologies like green hydrogen and bringing into focus avenues like blue economy where existing frameworks and mechanisms can be leveraged for closer economic cooperation.

2) Economy and Trade Linkages: Trade and economics encompass a major domain for the Indo-Pacific region. India’s approach to regional finance and credit, supply chain resilience and the soft power India draws from its historic diaspora network are its key strengths.

3) Security: Underlying the Indo-Pacific is the security domain. Delving into cybersecurity, maritime security and human security in the Indo-Pacific give a multi-dimensional view of the issues in the region.

4) Science and Technology: Technological exchange is essential in the Indo-Pacific region where countries have diverse capabilities. India can contribute towards collaboration on data, digitisation and earth observation satellites by leveraging its existing infrastructure and technical capability.

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