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Indore can be India’s Chicago, says Rahul Gandhi, lauds cleanliness | Indore News


INDORE: Marvelling at Indore’s clean streets, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said on Sunday that India’s Sabse Swachh city should have the largest airport in the country due to its strategic location.
“I want that one day, Indore should have the biggest airport of the country, similar to Chicago’s, and the city should become India’s logistics hub. USA’s biggest airport is not in Washington DC, Boston or California, but in Chicago as the city is also a logistic hub of the country,” the Congress leader said at a Nukkad Sabha at Rajwada square. “I would ask Congress leaders, when we form the government, to think it over. Indore should play the same role for India that Chicago plays for USA” he said. Rahul, who arrived in Indore on Sunday leading the Bharat Jodo Yatra, said he could not find a single heap of garbage in the cleanest city of the country. TNN
Today, we walked for around eight hours on Indore’s roads. I looked at every corner but did not find any garbage. I want to thank the people of Indore and the sanitation workers for winning six prizes (as the country’s cleanest city),” he said. Indore’s history shows it is a ‘centre of justice’, he remarked. Apart from cleanliness, he said he found “brotherhood on the roads of Indore”. “On these roads, Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians along with elderly persons and people speaking different languages, have walked (with the Yatra) and there was no hatred,” the Congress leader said. TNN

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