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John Tingle, journalist and founder of NSW Shooters party, dies at 90 | New South Wales politics


John Tingle, a journalist, broadcaster and founder of the Shooters party, has died aged 90.

Tingle’s daughter and ABC journalist Laura Tingle posted the news of his death on Saturday morning and paid tribute to her father.

The chief political correspondent on ABC’s 7.30 program praised her father as her “greatest urger-on, fan and critic” in her professional life.

“This is just to register my profound gratitude and luck in having him in my life,” she wrote on Instagram.

“I am so proud I had followed him into journalism.

“He taught me at 15 what was the most important question to ask, cheered me on to tackle the small and mean people in politics, and to not be afraid to celebrate the transformative people and moments it sometimes give us. And to always report what you believe to be true.

“He died a part of a small community who truly cared for him and we are very grateful that he felt so happy and loved at the end of his long life.”

Tingle founded the Shooters party – now the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers party – in 1992. He was elected to the New South Wales upper house three years later and served as the party’s lone parliamentary representative for 11 years.

Tingle launched the single-issue party after a lunch with the former police minister Ted Pickering at which they discussed proposed regulation of gun ownership.

“I said: ‘Look, Ted, if you bring in these laws shooters will go political’,” he told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“By the end of the week we had 1,000 members. I didn’t really want to start a political party. It was a joke to put the wind up Ted, but it took off, and I got stuck with it.”

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Prior to entering politics, Tingle began his career at 2QN Deniliquin in 1949 where he took up a role as a broadcaster and news editor. He went on to broadcast for various radio stations including 2UE, 2GB, 2UW, Radio Australia and 3AW, but spent his longest stint – 17 years – with the ABC.

In 1977, Tingle presented the Friday Night Forum for the ABC and continued in radio in Brisbane and Sydney prior to taking up a job as the current affairs director for 2CH in 1992.

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He retired in 2005. Outside of work, Tingle enjoyed photography, classical and jazz music and shooting.

His longstanding friend and former parliamentarian Tony Windsor paid tribute to Tingle on social media, describing him as a “good man” who helped many people throughout his career.

Condolences to you Laura and John’s family.A good man who helped many people including myself.Always well respected in political and media worlds.Will be remembered well. Vale John Tingle.

— Tony Windsor (@TonyHWindsor) August 6, 2022

“Always respected in political and media worlds,” he wrote.

He is survived by three children, Peter, Sally and Laura.

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