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Kylea Tink flags fuel emission standards as independents name their priorities


The introduction of vehicle and fuel emission standards will be required for support from North Sydney’s independent candidate Kylea Tink if she’s successful in next month’s election and the Coalition and Labor are unable to form a majority government.

In a Sky News debate on Thursday with the seat’s Liberal incumbent Trent Zimmerman and Labor challenger Catherine Renshaw, Tink did not pick a side when pressed further about which party she would support in the event of a hung parliament. She said it would “come down to traction on the issues that mattered to the Australian public that is: faster action on climate – so more ambitious carbon reduction targets for 2030 [and the] establishment of a federal integrity commission”.

Labor’s Catherine Renshaw, Liberal MP Trent Zimmerman and Independent Kylea Tink debate on Thursday.Credit:Richard Dobson

Should a hung parliament emerge, the fate of the government could hang in the hands of a number of independent candidates, and the price of their support is slowly emerging.

Independent Member for Warringah Zali Steggall said if neither major political party had the numbers, it was indicative that they had not done enough to satisfy Australians.

“The actual outcome of the election is an important factor, and I will vote on each bill on its merits, including supply bills. If my community re-elects me, then clearly they trust me to represent them and prioritise key policies of climate and environment, integrity and fiscal discipline,” she said.

Sophie Scamps, Zali Steggall and Kylea Tink are not naming who they’d side with in the case of a hung parliament.

Sophie Scamps, Zali Steggall and Kylea Tink are not naming who they’d side with in the case of a hung parliament. Credit:Wolter Peeters

“I want to see good policy, and for good long-term policy you actually need a bipartisan collaborative approach, but at the federal level all we see is gamesmanship and attempts to wedge the other side, and I think I represent a lot of people in the community who are really tired of old party politics and are turning to independents.”

Steggall added she held serious concerns over whether Prime Minister Scott Morrison had done enough over the last three years to secure her support, but added she would continue to work with both sides of parliament.

“Over the course of the past three years, Scott Morrison as prime minister has failed to deliver on key policies: federal integrity commission, I believe he has a fake net zero plan – the commitment for net zero by 2050 is clearly crashing around their ears,” she said.

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