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Meet The Swimwear Designer Who Brings Bikinis On Her Skiing Holidays


Lauren Hunt created Bikini Bible with a mission to combine cheeky cuts with bold prints and timeless colours that flatter and accentuate the female form. Using high-end sustainable fabrics sourced from Italy, with every campaign and collection Hunt seeks to spark a sense of excitement and magic for her customers.

What makes great swimwear? For great swimwear you need three things: high quality, a superb fit and stunning designs. It’s sparking something inside you where you just have to have it! As a teenager, my friends would always call me the “Bikini Queen” because I always managed to find the best bikinis. I think this is where my eye for great swimwear came from.

How do you design your silhouettes and source your fabrics? I usually start with a theme and then start designing by drawing from my inspiration and ideas in my head. Once I have drawings, we develop these into samples. I love coming up with new innovative designs that the swimwear market hasn’t seen yet. My inspiration mostly comes from when I travel to stunning destinations where I am fully in holiday mode! When designing silhouettes, I always obsess over the fit of the bikini and the smaller details like ruching.

Sourcing fabric has been key for me because I know how much of a difference it makes when the fabric is low quality in a bikini. I spent hours researching the best swim fabrics on the market and decided to mainly use fabrics that are made in Italy with ECONYL®, a regenerated nylon made from plastic bottles and ghost fishing nets. The quality of these fabrics is second to none.

As someone who I imagine has travelled a great deal – where are some of your favourite hidden gems? I love the magic of Ibiza and try to go every summer. Ibiza has a lot of hidden beaches and coves near Formentera, where the crystal-clear water and beach restaurants have such a special vibe. Another hidden gem for me must be La Jolla in San Diego. I have the best memories cycling around the palm tree adorned cliff tops with my friends and stopping at the La Jolla Cove to watch the sunset.

What will someone always find in your suitcase? I have been on many holidays with friends, and they would say I always have a suitcase full of bikinis. I could even be going skiing or hiking, rest assured there will be a bikini in there somewhere! I can never decide which bikinis to pack and so I am always the one bringing an excess on trips. I think my friends love it though as they always get first dibs.

What’s on your mood board at the moment? My mood board is full of tropical landscapes and island living at the moment. I am obsessed with the island way of life where true paradise exists every day.

How does sustainability feed into what you do? When I launched Bikini Bible in 2021, I knew I wanted to create a brand that had sustainability at the forefront. I feel passionate that new brands should try and be as environmentally aware as possible. Bikini Bible isn’t just another swimwear brand, but one where women can buy stylish, sexy bikinis that are also sustainably made. Not only that, but all of our packaging, swing tags and bags are made from recycled or reusable materials.

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