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Met dept issues ‘yellow’ alert for today, heatwave likely in isolated parts of city | Delhi News


NEW DELHI: With heatwave conditions already developing in some parts of the city on Sunday, the met department has issued a yellow alert (“be aware”) for heatwave for Monday. Before this, the hottest day of the year was reported on May 12 when the mercury settled at 42.5 degrees Celsius.
On Sunday, apart from the station where temperatures touched 45 degrees C or more, Ridge reported 44.5 degrees C, Pusa 44.8, Ayanagar 44, Jafarpur 44.6 and Palam 43.8.

Though Safdarjung has not seen any heatwave day in this season so far, isolated pockets recorded heatwave conditions for two-three days this year. The IMD defines a heatwave day when the maximum is 4.5 degrees and more above normal and the maximum temperature is at least 40 degrees C. A heatwave is also considered if the maximum temperature touches 45 degrees C or more. A “severe” heatwave is declared when the maximum is 6.5 degrees and more above normal.
Kuldeep Srivastava, head of IMD’s Regional Weather Forecasting Centre, said, “Northwesterly winds from Punjab and Haryana, which are recording high temperatures, are bringing warm air to Delhi. There has been no cloudiness and no rainfall activity has been recently recorded in the plains or hills leading to a rise in temperature.”
The minimum temperature on Sunday was recorded at 24 degrees Celsius, three notches below normal. The relative humidity oscillated from 25% and 74%.
The maximum temperature is likely to hover around 43 degrees Celsius on Monday and Tuesday. Strong surface winds are predicted during the day.
However, relief is expected from May 24 as the mercury may come down below 40 degrees Celsius, with light rain expected in the region under the influence of a western disturbance.
Delhi’s air quality, meanwhile, deteriorated from “moderate” on Saturday to “poor” on Sunday. The Air Quality Index (AQI) was 215 as against 186 a day earlier.

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