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MotorGP 22 review: An immersive racing simulator with fantastic customisation – Eugene Sowah


The next entry in Milestone MotoGP racing simulation series is finally here with new features

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MotoGP 22 video game launch trailer

MotorGP 22

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Developer Milestone is back with another racing simulator, this time around it’s the long-running MotoGP series which returns with the latest entry MotoGP 22.

MotoGP 22 is simply stunning with each of the bikes looking like spitting images of their real-life counterparts.

Character models in races have realistic reactions during crashes and other pivotal moments in sustaining real time wear and tear.

Outside of races the character models can be less emotive and are slightly static.

The tracks have also been given a boost with much better life-like weather conditions, from water sprays when raining to miniature dust clouds on the grittier tracks.

The real-time lighting really shines when sunlight beams off the bikes and helmets.

MotoGP 22 is a visual spectacle that really captures the physical essence of MotoGP, it’s like watching a real race.

MotoGP 22 is the latest entry in the MotoGP series



The Character creator also has quite a few options to choose from like age or nationality, but this factor has no bearing on what your character actually looks like, so players can have a fresh faced seventy year old.

The game features in-depth customisation that goes beyond the character, players will be able to extensively tailor the look of their rider’s helmet, stickers, numbers and even how they look in their team uniform.

There’s so much here fans will simply relish the level of authenticity poured into this game.

MotoGP 22 features a slew of modes for players to get stuck into, but before you can take to the track, the game offers an extensive tutorial mode.

This not only lets players get accustomed to the controls but they can learn rules and skills to manage their bikes.

There’s a separate tutorial called MotoGP Academy that allows players to train on the available tracks picking different sections to master.

MotoGP 22 features many enhancements that elevate the overall experience



This is a fantastic method to help any players who are struggling and new players get to grips with the flow of each track. With the extensive training available MotoGP 22 feels like it’s the most accessible game in the series to date.

MotoGP 22 has other modes on offer, such as the Career mode which is probably the best option to get a great understanding of how the game works competitively.

Players will work their way through the ranks in different divisions such as Moto 2 and Moto 3.

But this mode shines in how it works outside of racing, where players can easily manage their career from picking races, managing technical staff, working out deals with sponsors and even fine-tuning how their bike performs from fuel consumption to tyre management.

There is a lot to take in, but the game makes everything palatable with an accessible UI and lets you play at your own pace.

Players will also be able to access the Quickplay mode which is divided into four different sections, Grand Prix, Championship Time Trial and Split screen which is basically local co-op.

MotoGP 22 is visually stunning



The game will let you continue the Grand Prix and Championships from where you left off which is great if you are looking for a no strings attached campaign.

The new split-screen feature works well with gameplay running smoothly throughout every race.

I reviewed this game on the Playstation 5 which is obviously powerful, so I can’t say if players will experience any frame drops on other consoles.

A great new addition is the Nine Season 2009 mode which will let players relive some of the best moments from that year.

Stepping in the boots of famous riders such as Valentino Rossi players will have to complete mission objectives to recreate real life iconic moments.

Under the direction of Mark Neal, who elevates the experience with his cool commentary, Nine Season 2009 is a fantastic new addition with great rewards that bike fanatics and new gamers will simply relish.

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The game offers four different difficulty modes that alter the race length, AI difficulty and the style of riding aids.

This is fully welcomed as it allows players to ease their way into becoming a pro at the game.

MotoGP 22 also allows for cross platform play online which is an added bonus, but I wasn’t able to test it while writing this review.

The Dual sense controller works like a charm with the adaptive triggers recreating the weight and sensitivity of the acceleration and brakes allowing for a life-like experience.

The haptic feedback lets players feel everything the tires feel from rough roads and subtle bumps.

Verdict 4/5

MotoGP 22 is probably one the most immersive racing simulators on the market, with the developers Milestone paying careful attention to detail throughout.

Racing fans will simply adore how extensive the customisation is and the new Nine Season 2009 mode which is a historic spectacle.

I just feel that the character models still haven’t reached their full potential yet but with all the other enhanced features that have landed so well, this will become an afterthought.

MotoGP 22 is out on 21 April for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 5

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