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“My wife is too attached to her family”


Query: My wife is too attached to her family. She visits them twice or thrice a week, which is taking a toll on our marriage as we don’t get enough time with each other. Even if we live apart from our parents, she talks about them all the time. How can I deal with this?

Response by Aashmeen Munjaal: It’s all about how your wife is so much attached and attracted towards her own family, her parents , siblings and everyone. So the first thing is it’s not about what you don’t want, you don’t want her to give quality time on visits to your family. So don’t talk about it , don’t think about it. In the world of manifestation and affirmation, law of attraction, we Really guide you, rather request you to think of what you want! So what do you want? You want a lot of quality time with your wife? Whether you both are talking about your own future or about each other, About each other’s interest or about finances or about the hobbies or about the great work you can do together!

So start thinking about it.

How many hours do you want to spend with your wife in a quality way?
– maybe you want 5 hours each day! So think about everyday your spending good 5 hours with each other, how much you are in romance, how much you talking about the Great things in life, how much you talking about the nature, about the politics, about the culture, all the topics.. maybe you want to talk about movies, adventure : so what topics you want to talk about.

Write it down: What is your interest and be thankful- Like I am very thankful to my wife for talking to me about the maybe some books or some arts maybe some culture maybe some dance, politics whatever your interest topics are!

You will see wonders if you spend only 8 minutes each day.

Put a timer or alarm in your phone and then close your eyes , sit straight and just visualise : just you and your wife talking about your favorite topics, doing things that you want to do, really really really having a great quality time together and keep Imagining it, keep visualizing it and you will see wonders happening in your relationship within a week and all the things that you don’t want let it be away from your thoughts or your talks for few days.

Don’t give energy to that and put your energy your attention to what you want.

Because wherever your attention goes, the whole of the focus goes, energy starts flowing that way only, it starts magnifying so be very careful and have a great experience going ahead.

Ontologist and Relationship Expert Aashmeen Munjaal, founder Shukrana Gratitude Foundation

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