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Nazi encampment featuring bunkers, trenches and gun stations up for sale on Channel Islands


A Nazi encampment from World War II is now up for sale on one of the Channel Islands, a British territory just off the northwestern coast of France.

The $48,000 site — known as Giffoine — is on the small island of Alderney and features seven acres of trenches, gun stations and two bunkers, according to Business Insider.

It was home to two dozen soldiers and three officers from Nazi Germany after being fortified between 1942 and 1944 as a part of Adolf Hitler’s Atlantic Wall strategy.

The Channel Islands, the largest of which are Jersey and Guernsey, are much closer to France (Alderney is just 10 miles from the Normandy coast) than to Britain and they became indefensible once France fell to Nazi Germany in June 1940.

The Germans promptly took the islands without resistance — the only British territory to fall under Nazi control during the course of the war.

The listing says it’s “an amazing opportunity to own WWII history.”

A representative from the Bell & Co. real estate agency also told The Telegraph that it has a “superb” view of the sea; however, the hope is that whoever does purchase the land keeps it open to the public.

“It would be a terrible shame if someone were to buy it and then start padlocking it. They’ve done so much work to it, it’s quite amazing,” Bell & Co. Executive Director Andrew Eggleston said.

Offers for the property are being accepted until Dec. 9.

Mr. Eggleston told The Telegraph that several people have expressed interest in the site.

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