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NLC’s offer of additional 20 marks for locals is the biggest fraud: Anbumani Ramadoss | Chennai News


CHENNAI: Condemning the Tamil Nadu government’s support to the NLC India Limited’s land acquisition programme, PMK leader Anbumani Ramadoss on Saturday said the PSU’s offer of additional 20 marks for locals in recruitment and jobs under annual maintenance contract on daily wages was the biggest fraud committed against the people of Cuddalore.
In a statement, Anbumani alleged that industries minister Thangam Thennarasu lied to the legislature on Friday and attempted to depict that NLC, the destructive force, was a saviour. The market price of agricultural and residential land stands at Rs 1 crore and Rs 5 crore per acre respectively, but NLC’s offer was way below.
There are mining projects lined up in Veeranam, Palayamkottai and Sethiathope on 45,000 acres and 21,000 acres of land, respectively. The Union government commenced the auctioning process. But the industries minister was making contrary views on land acquisition, he charged.
“One has to assume that the minister is either not aware of the impacts faced by the people of Cuddalore district or pretends not to be aware of it. The minister has tried to create an impression that Tamil Nadu will be plunged into darkness if the NLC is not there. This is completely wrong,” Anbumani said, pointing to the state government’s proposed augmentation of 14,500MW hydro power by 2030, and the ongoing 5,000MW thermal power projects. He said the state would become power surplus and supply from NLC was not required.
The groundwater table went below 1,000 feet while toxic gases emitted from power plants cause various diseases to the people and irreparable damage to the environment. The PMK had held a bandh in Cuddalore recently against NLC’s expansion, and more than 300 gram sabhas had passed resolutions against the PSU, the PMK leader said.
“This shows the extent to which the people of Cuddalore district are agitated against NLC. It is not fair to support NLC,” Anbumani said, urging the chief minister to declare that the state would not acquire an inch of land for NLC expansion by respecting the local sentiments.
The state government should not knowingly or unknowingly support the destruction of Cuddalore district, he added.

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