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Norway’s Bodø Unveils Arctic-Themed European Capital Of Culture Program For 2024


With exactly one year to go until Bodø opens its year as European Capital of Culture, the organizers have unveiled an ambitious program of cultural events that will cover the entire Nordland county.

The program leans in hard to Arctic culture including a focus on Sámi lifestyle and the important relationship between the land and the ocean in this part of the world.

Bodø 2024 will be the first time a city located north of the Arctic Circle has held the European Capital of Culture title. It will also be just the third Norwegian city to hold the title following Bergen in 2000 and Stavanger in 2008.

Grand opening in February 2024

Together with Nordland Theater, Berlin-based company Phase 7 has been commissioned to put together a spectacular opening show in Bodø harbour. In a nice piece of symmetry, the same company were responsible for the water-based closing ceremony of Stavanger’s year in the spotlight in 2008.

Much of the production will take place on a stage modelled on a otolith, the tiny ear stone of the cod. Organizers hope to attract tens of thousands of people to Bodø harbour for the outdoor opening, despite the likely cold temperatures of early February.

Highlights of Bodø 2024

The program announcement is just the first of many for the upcoming year, yet several clear highlights have emerged.

A previously-announced Sámi theatre trilogy will shine a spotlight on humanity’s ancient relationship with animals and the Sámi perspectives on climate change.

Upon its announcement, Bodø 2024 director André Wallann Larsen said it would be a highly topical production: “One must take a stand on difficult questions about the green shift and how it affects us all, but perhaps especially the Sami culture and way of life.”

Various festivals are among the highlights in the Bodø 2024 program, including a land art biennale, a bonfire bonanza on Midsummer’s Eve, a freedom festival and a light festival.

Other highlights taking advantage of the natural environment around Bodø include a concert in a submerged cave and a 10-meter-high ocean sculpture, while an opera about stockfish and Arctic food roadshows will shine a light on the region’s cuisine.

Putting Bodø on the European map

With just over 50,000 residents, Bodø is the second biggest city in Northern Norway after Tromsø.

City bosses have big growth ambitions beyond the cultural year in the spotlight. A new airport is planned just 3,000 feet from the current one, which will free up space for a major expansion of the city.

There were certainly a few blinks of surprise when Bodø was announced as one of the European Capitals of Culture for 2024 together with Bad Ischl in Austria and Tartu in Estonia.

While bigger cities took the title in the concept’s earlier years, recent years have seen smaller cities share the spotlight. This year’s three cities sharing the title are Elefsina in Greece, Timișoara in Romania and Veszprém in Hungary.

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