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Notes on chocolate: it’s like Toblerone for grownups | Chocolate


Whereas usually I am fairly restrained in my chocolate eating, I have of late been on a toboggan ride into overindulgence. It started with some Läderach nougatine eggs (not currently available as they were an Easter special) which were so delicious and creamy, but also crunchy and chewy, that they transported me back to a childhood which didn’t exist, but reminded me of how you’d have liked Toblerone to have tasted. Anyway, they were so excellent that I hid them from my other testers (always a good/bad sign).

Then I started working my way through Läderach’s FrischSchoggi, which is chocolate (milk, dark or white; the milk is sublime and perfect if you are a Lindt lover as this is creamy and smooth, but several steps above) in slab shape, mixed with various inclusions: nuts, dried fruits and berries, more nuts. Prices start at £16.65 for a bag of ‘shards’, but if you can afford it, the pouches offer a good selection from £23.75/250g.

Läderach has three branches in the UK (boringly, all in London) and staff are really generous with tasters, or they were with me (I did not declare my profession), as they should be as the chocolate isn’t cheap. But it’s a good place to go if you need presents for someone with fairly conventional tastes and yet you want something a little different, but still guaranteed to be a hit; especially so if they like nuts.

The store has more choice than the website and if you do visit the Regent Street branch, it’s almost next door to Liberty, so you can then wander in its wonderful haberdashery department and smell everything in the Bath House.

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