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Odisha train accident: Getting into AC bogey with general ticket saved this security guard’s life | Bhubaneswar News

BHUBANESWAR: Laxman Barik, 55, from Baisinga of Mayurbhanj district had booked a ticket in general bogey in Coromandel Express for Chennai where he was working as a security guard. As he reached late at Balasore station, in a hurry he boarded an AC bogey and had a miraculous escape as the general bogies were the worst hit, killing majority of passengers in the superfast express that met with a tragic accident at Bahanaga on Friday. Barik has been undergoing treatment at Capital Hospital here and said he will never forget the fateful night for the rest of his life.
“I was standing near the toilet of an AC bogey I boarded hurriedly from Balasore station. Since the general bogies are generally overcrowded, I was thinking of paying extra and arranging a berth in the AC compartment. Suddenly I could hear the sound of screeching metal and the sensation of the train tilting to one side. Within seconds, I found myself pushed to a corner of the bogey as it careened off the tracks. I vividly remember the awful sound of metal wrenching against metal as the train came to a halt,” recalled Barik.
He has got serous injuries on his ribs and fractue in the right leg with minor cuts and pains in his body. Despite being in a state of shock and severely disoriented, Barik realized the severity of the situation and quickly jumped out of the derailed carriage. Other passengers were also attempting to escape, and he could hear screams of panic and confusion everywhere. Amidst the chaos, Barik grabbed his bag and went to an open space.
“I was having severe pain on my right ribs and leg. I was not able to stand even. A few co-passengers offered me to come with them and we walked to NH from where we took a line bus and reached Bhubaneswar around 11.30pm. After arriving at Baramunda bus stop in blood stained clothes, I asked an auto rickshaw driver to take me to the police and they brought him to the capital hospital,” Barik recounted.
Barik has been working in Chennai as a security officer for the last 15 year and gets a salary of Rs 20,000 a month. When asked if he will go to his workplace again, Barik said, “I have two daughters and a son. I married off the elder one, but the younger ones are studying for which I need money. I have no source of income here so I will go back after I recover.”
Although not seriously injured, the experience left an indelible mark on Barik, who remained deeply affected by the tragedy and the loss of so many lives. Answering the question of if he will be afraid to board a train again, Barik said, “I got a second life. Of course, I can never forget the horrific experience of the train accident and every time I board a train the scenes of that night will haunt me.”

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