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Opera singer joins stranger playing piano. Videos show their amazing performance | Trending


There are times when people witness incredible scenes in front of them at apparent unassuming places. Just like people visiting this shopping centre did. Shared on Instagram, two videos show how they witnessed an amazing performance by a pianist and an opera singer. What makes the video amazing is that they are strangers who simply joined their skills and left everyone entertained.

Pianist Aurélien Froissart posted the video on his personal Instagram page. He also shared a caption to mention that the video went viral after it was shared on TikTok. “This video just got 3M views on tiktok in 1 day, it was so cool meeting this opera singer! Tell me if you want the part 2 (with song ending and audience reaction !),” he wrote.

He also posted another video with a caption that read, “Everyone asked for the end of the song and AUDIENCE REACTION so here it is!!”

The first video shows the man playing the piano in a supermarket. Within moments, the opera singer approaches him and asks if he can join in. The second video is a continuation of the performance that ends with surprised and appreciative reactions of the onlookers.

Take a look at the video:

The videos received several comments from people. “They got a full opera concert for free!!” wrote an Instagram user. “Beautiful!! I also love how you improvised,” commented another. “This is wiiiild!!!” expressed a third. “Made my day,” wrote a fourth.

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