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Over 200 rental properties in Dublin close to purchase by council under Tenant in Situ scheme – The Irish Times


Dublin City Council has gone “sale agreed” or submitted final offers to purchase over 200 properties in which tenants are renting, according to the latest figures compiled by the local authority.

The Council is involved in various stages of negotiations for 387 properties under the Tenant in Situ scheme, which is being promoted by the Government. Of those, 164 have gone sale agreed and conveyancing is now being progressed.

It is at a “valuation and offer” stage for a further 59 properties. Between January and April it also completed the purchases of 18 properties, and the tenants in situ have now signed up a new tenancy agreement with Dublin City Council (DCC).

In an effort to stave off the worst impacts of the eviction ban being ended, the Government has committed to purchase some 1,500 properties across the State owned by landlords who wish to leave the market. Under the scheme, tenants in those properties will sign new agreements with the local authority which has purchased the property.

The latest figures on Dublin City Council have been supplied by the Dublin Region Homeless Executive (DRHE) as part of an opening statement it will give to the Oireachtas Committee on Housing on Tuesday. The figures show that DCC is expected to surpass its target of purchasing 450 properties during 2023.

A further 164 properties are at an earlier stage of evaluation, according to the figures. Mary Hayes, director of the DRHE, says it considers the Tenant in Situ scheme as a “very important and effective tool in the prevention of homelessness” in the capital.

In the statement, the DRHE has stated there were 1,263 families and 4,128 single adults in emergency accommodation at the end of April.

The average rate of new singles was the highest in 2022 and the gap between those entering the emergency homelessness system, and those exiting, has been widening since 2021.

“The rate of entry of single adults has been consistently higher than exits through all years. In 2022, for every one exit, five singles entered emergency accommodation,” it has stated.

While the number of households entering emergency accommodation is not as high as the record year, 2018, there has been a sharp decline since 2021 in the number of families leaving emergency accommodation. This trend has continued through the first quarter of 2023, the DHRE has noted, with an average of 30 families leaving the system, compared to an average of 68 families entering into emergency accommodation.

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