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Positive phrases to say to an anxious child

Positive phrases to say to an anxious child | Times of India

Jan 31, 2023

Tenzin Chodon

“Don’t worry, you’re safe with me”

“If you want, you can tell me about it and we can look for a solution together”

“Why don’t you tell me how big your worry is or can you draw it?”

“Let’s take deep relaxing breaths together, shall we?”

“Being scared is okay. But know that I will always be by your side.”

“I too feel scared and worried, but those feelings go away too”

“You’re not alone in how you feel”

“What is the worst that could happen? We can make sure to change the ending”

“I love you no matter what people say about you”

“You can always tell me what you need from me”

“Remember when you had successfully overcome your challenges”

“Let’s count to 100 together.”

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