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Prince Charles backs masks for methane-burping cows


Yesterday, the Prince visited an exhibition showcasing the designs at the Royal College of Arts, hailing the invention as “fascinating”.

Speaking to the winners he said: “It is critical, because of the urgency we face in terms of the crisis confronting us in all directions and just how important what their ideas represent is in terms of finding solutions rapidly.

Prince Charles is a long-time advocate of sustainable farming, and this year launched a campaign called “Terra Carta” to get businesses to pledge to make real changes to reduce greenhouse gases. Credit:Getty

“I can only hope as a result of this, and drawing more attention to what you are doing, we will have a better chance of winning this battle in shorter time. I can only wish you every possible success. Many congratulations, marvellous.”

A long-time advocate for sustainable and organic farming, the Prince in January launched the “Terra Carta”, a campaign named after the Magna Carta, to get businesses to pledge to 100 environmental reforms by 2030.

The cow mask was one of four inventions to win £50,000 ($88,000) awarded by the Terra Carta Design Lab.


While carbon dioxide makes up the majority of global greenhouse gas emissions, methane is the second-most prevalent gas, making up around a fifth of global emissions.

It does not last as long in the atmosphere as carbon dioxide, persisting for around a decade, but has a warming effect many times more powerful.

Telegraph, London

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