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Record Breaking Wager & Coin Toss Let Gamblers Become Part Of History


The sports betting industry is scheduled to hit a historic milestone this week as one operator has announced that it has quite literally taken the popular activity to new heights.

In honor of National Space Day, BetOnline, the popular online betting site, has announced that it has successfully placed the first-ever wager in outer space. While the launch has already taken place, and the bet has already been registered, BetOnline is allowing bettors to get in on the action by participating in the highest recorded coin toss, which will also take place in outer space at some point this week.

Due to logistics and meteorological factors, a specific launch for the coin toss has not been established, but we have been informed that the weather forecast appears promising, allowing the official result of the toss to be released on May 6th’s National Space Day.

BetOnline odds manager Adam Burns spoke with Forbes on the historic nature of this feat.

“We have always set the standard when it comes to offering the widest variety of betting options to our customers, and in this instance, we really looked to make history with this record-breaking attempt.”

“Prop wagers, in-game, and micro-betting have redefined the industry,” continued Burns, and we thought it would be fun to celebrate the advances in the industry with one of the simplest forms of a prop bet available; the coin flip.”

Hypothetically, no bet is more 50/50 than a coin flip, as the activity has long been used to decide everything from the opening kickoff of the Super Bowl to which one of your friends is picking up the tab after a night out.

“Our goal was to celebrate the fun side of gambling,” added Burns, “and the simple ask of heads or tails lets bettors put away their algorithms, ignore trends, and simply enjoy being a part of history.”

To pull off this historic feat, BetOnline worked hand in hand with the team from Sent Into Space, a company led by Ph.D. students Dr. Alex Baker and Dr. Chris Rose. Together, Rose and Baker have successfully executed more than 1,000 launches in conjunction with some of the world’s largest brands. Sent Into Space has flame-grilled a Whopper in space for Burger King, provided cinematic assistance for award-winning Hollywood productions, and rumor has it that they might have something to do with a Metallica vinyl currently orbiting the planet.

For this particular request, the Sent Into Space team spent months working alongside the BetOnline team to conceptualize and develop a two-craft launch that would not only put the company into the record books once, but twice with the eventual coin-flip that would decide the historic wager.

The first of the two launches saw a craft stocked with an Ipad, a robotic arm equipped with a stylus, and customized heating units to combat the frigid conditions, rise more than 33 km above the earth’s atmosphere.

A two-way network bridge was established to allow the spacecraft to access the internet, where a random number generator fed with data input from the craft’s environmental sensors allowed for the mechanism to successfully place an unpredictable wager hundreds of thousands of feet above the earth.

In what looks more like a lost episode of Myth Busters, a video release sees the team from Sent Into Space guide viewers through the entire design process, where they discuss the hurdles they were challenged to overcome along the way.

I could elaborate on the technical breakdown further, but it’s best that I leave that for the actual rocket scientists.

So, heads or tails? Lock it in and forever become a part of sports betting history.

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