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Robert F Kennedy jnr thanks Elon Musk ‘for rescuing US democracy’


Robert F Kennedy jnr, a prominent conspiracy theorist and longshot presidential candidate, praised Elon Musk for “rescuing American democracy” in a bizarre Twitter discussion between the pair on Monday.

Kennedy lavished praise on the Twitter owner who hosted him on the platform for a rambling, two-hour-plus discussion spanning AI, the Ukraine war, and pharmaceutical companies.

Robert F. Kennedy jnr is a leading anti-vax conspiracy theorist. He’s also the son of former US senator Robert F Kennedy.Credit: AP

The 69-year-old, who has previously been suspended from Instagram for sharing debunked claims about COVID-19 vaccines, said Twitter was the “last refuge” for those who depart from official orthodoxies.

“I just want to tell you how much I admire you for that and how grateful I am on behalf of my country,” he told Musk.

“You would come here from another country and be a key instrument for rescuing American Democracy and freedom of speech.”

Kennedy, who is the son of the former US attorney general Robert F Kennedy, and the nephew of President John F Kennedy, has long promoted discredited claims about vaccines.

Elon Musk owns Twitter.

Elon Musk owns Twitter.Credit: AP

Other members of the Kennedy clan have distanced themselves from his anti-vaccine views, calling them misleading and dangerous.

Kennedy has launched a longshot bid to challenge Joe Biden for the Democratic presidential nomination, but many of his Kennedy relatives have publicly backed Biden’s re-election bid.

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