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Saleem Malik was negative, selfish and treated me like a servant: Wasim Akram | Cricket News


NEW DELHI: Pace legend Wasim Akram in his biography ‘Sultan: A Memoir‘ has accused his former Pakistan teammate Saleem Malik of being selfish and negative.
The startling revelations in the biography also read that Malik treated Akram like a servant in the early phase of his career, making him give massage, clean his clothes and boots.
“He would take advantage of my junior status. He was negative, selfish and treated me like a servant. He demanded I massage him, he ordered me to clean his clothes and boots,” read an excerpt from the biography.
Akram, who made his international debut in 1984, played under Malik’s captaincy from 1992 to 1995 and there were reports that the two players were not on good terms.
Malik, however, denied the allegations, saying Akram wrote all these to promote his book.
“I was trying to call him but he did not answer. I will ask him what was the reason for writing what he did,” Malik was quoted as saying by the Pakistani media.
“If I was narrow minded, I would not have given him the chance to bowl. I will ask him why he wrote such remarks about me.”
(With inputs from PTI)

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