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Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese agree to election debate on May 8


Nine director of news and current affairs Darren Wicks said the company was “really excited to have the debate, for a long time now it has been a 60 Minutes tradition to have the leaders in a national election debate”.


Nine political editor Chris Uhlmann, The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald chief political correspondent David Crowe and Nine radio host Deb Knight will ask the questions, while the moderator will be 60 Minutes journalist Sarah Abo.

“They are three of the most experienced journos in the country, Deb had a long stint in the press gallery, she hears talkback every day, she hears people’s pain points in terms of hip-pocket and economic issues,” Wicks said.

“And in Chris and David we have two of the most experienced gallery journos in Australia. No one has any agendas coming into it, and neither leader has made any requests. Nothing is off the table.

“People want to know where each of the parties stand and where the leader stand, they want to see the leaders tested.”

Some viewers watching the debate at home will be polled for their verdict on the debate, with more details to come.

But for those wondering whether the fabled “worm” would make a return, Wicks had a disappointing message: “Not this time, we will let the worm rest in peace”.

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