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In case you missed it, Federal Indigenous Affairs Minister Linda Burney yesterday met with her state counterparts regarding the implementation of the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

The Labor frontbencher says all state and territory ministers back a First Nations Voice to parliament.

Minister for Indigenous Australians, Linda Burney. Credit:Wolter Peeters

As regular readers of this blog will know, the Uluru Statement called for a truth-telling commission, treaty and Voice to parliament.

Here’s what Burney had to say in a statement last night:

The ministers agreed to continue to back the Australian government’s work towards an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to the Australian parliament enshrined in the constitution, as outlined in the Uluru Statement.

This reflects a shared desire from all jurisdictions to put progress on recognition and better outcomes for First Nations peoples above politics.

The ministers discussed some of the practical steps for implementing voice arrangements, including at a regional level, that would enable First Nations people to work in partnership with all levels of government to improve policies, programs and service delivery in their regions. This work will build on and align with existing and emerging arrangements currently supported by states, territories and the Commonwealth.

The ministers provided updates on processes to advance truth-telling and treaty in their relevant jurisdictions.

Ministers will meet again … at the Joint Council for Closing the Gap meeting at the end of the month to discuss progress against the national agreement on closing the gap.

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