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Signs of fatty liver on face and skin


Dr. Vikram Vora, Medical Director, Indian Sub-continent at International SOS, says, “Not surprisingly, this impacts the health and wellbeing of a person in more ways than one. Fatty liver disease is closely related to insulin resistance, which can lead to type 2 diabetes, which if not managed well, can lead to complications affecting the nervous, renal and cardiovascular systems. The most severe form of fatty liver disease, called NASH causes liver inflammation and can progress to cirrhosis and hepatic failure.”

Other deadly risks due to fatty liver: Sleep apnea, which repeatedly causes breathing to stop during sleep, is known to occur in patients with fatty liver disease. This leads to inadequate rest and recovery, resulting in daytime fatigue and a reduction in cognitive abilities which negatively impacts employee productivity. Looking at the growing burden of NAFLD, this morbidity from cognitive impairment is expected to have a huge societal and economic impact. Finally, NAFLD increases the risk of depression and anxiety, which are known to seriously affect work productivity.

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