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spatial audio: Google may add this Apple-inspired feature in Pixel 6 Pro


Google may have an Apple-inspired feature ready for the Pixel 6 Pro smartphone. According to’s Mishaal Rahman, files found inside the first Android 13 Beta build hint at the possibility of an audio feature similar to Apple’s Spatial Sound. This spatialiser effect will most probably work by using software to augment the sound when the music is being listened to on Pixel 6 Pro through a headphone that comes with High-Res Audio support.

Though part of the Android 13 Beta, the spatialiser effect is not fully enabled yet. Is Google planning to introduce this feature to the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro models or to other Pixel devices also? We cannot say for sure. Based on the Android 13 Beta build reveal, Google may also have plans to introduce support for this audio effect with its Pixel Buds models.
If such a feature comes to the Pixel phones, it would be a bonus to those going for the Pixel devices. And in the premium segment, it would be a good move. But it would take more than an audio feature to entice new customers. If Google releases the feature as a part of Android 13 in general, then it is going to benefit the company more as it would be able to make the service available for all the Android users. We’ll have to wait for the full release of the Android 13 later this year to know more.

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