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Start-up GAIT Global claims tech measures real-time greenhouse gases


The system is supported with internet-of-things and cloud infrastructure to provide a constant stream of data, but the measurements are based on methods that have been proven for decades.

“Getting people on board and proving the science is very straightforward because there are hundreds if not thousands of different peer reviewed papers out there proving the science. We just have to prove our technology is using it all correctly, that we’re able to pull the pieces together. And the fact is we can get data at a .1 second resolution, to 99 per cent accuracy,” Bansal said.

The system measures the net ecosystem exchange of gases, which Bansal said meant it could be applied for measuring carbon emissions and sequestration across forestry, soil, water, urban developments and more, whereas projects currently need to employ different methods for each type of project. That versatility, he said, would be key to how GAIT grew as a business.

“Our overall vision is to become the global diamond standard per se of carbon measurement for all types of green projects. So with that vision in mind we have two revenue avenues.

“One is a SaaS data model. Because the [sensor and spatial] data gives you not just carbon emissions and sequestration, but also vegetation health, active biomass, photosynthesis rates, growth rates, crop health, the presence of pests and weeds, all that good stuff. And the other is carbon credits. So if we successfully facilitate, we’ll take a percentage of the carbon credits.”

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